Scavengers – Open Beta

The Scavengers Open Beta is now live, so now everyone can join in the frostbitten survival shooter fun.

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last week when you had to watch a Twitch stream to access the beta, Scavengers is now in a fully open Beta that you can download now via Steam or the Epic Game Store. It’s a PvPvE squad-based survival shooter where players … Read More

Scavengers – Open(ish) Beta

The Scavengers Beta is now accessible to everyone, but you may have to watch someone else playing it for a little while first before you get your hands on it!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Scavengers is a PvPvE tactical multiplayer sandbox surrival shooter where squads of three compete against eachother in a hostile frozen environment. It … Read More