Selfloss – Beta Demo (Steam)

Selfloss is a Slavic and Icelandic folklore inspired fantasy action adventure where you search for a ritual that can cure your soul i a world that worships whales.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer three years ago, Selfloss is a magical folklore-steeped adventure where an old man attempts to heal his wounded soul. The game takes place in a mythical post-apocalyptic world that’s been … Read More

Selfloss – Beta Demo

Selfloss is a beautiful and very touching narrative-driven adventure that draws inspiration from Russian and Icelandic folklore as a suicidal old man brings harmony back to the land and heals his own wounded soul.

In Selfloss you follow the story of a kind old man who has suffered a tragic loss that has pushed him to almost ending his life. However, upon hearing the cries … Read More