SAAAM – Game Jam Build Download

saaam-game download

SAAAM, a game created by Ogniok (Fireline Games) for the Ludum Dare 34 Game jam, is a narratively driven, steampunk styled ship fixing simulator.  Well sort of….

In SAAAM you take control of Crewmember 341, awoken from cryo-statis by a voice informing you it’s time for your daily routine. When you finally gain control of your character you are thrusted out of your cryo-pod, … Read More

Event[0] – Alpha Sign-Up


Event[0] is an impressive first person sci-fi narrative thriller where your talk with an artificial intelligence and and explore a deserted space station to find what happened to its missing crew.

The atmosphere and visuals design of the game are excellent, pulling you into this mysterious adventure.  Exploring the abandoned station and chatting with the station’s AI that you don’t know if it has a … Read More