Flatshot – Alpha Download


Flatshot is a stylish 2D arcade bullet-hell boss rush game in which you control a plucky little triangle who takes on boss after boss armed only with a single action button which allows you to attack, parry and parry dash.

Although it may initially look quite simplistic, Flatshot’s clean and minimalistic visual style is a joy to behold in motion.  In fact it’s hard not … Read More

Operation Fungus – Alpha Download

Operation Fungus

Operation Fungus, a game being created by Jani Nykänen, is a fast paced, adrenaline filled Shmup’ with an essence of nostalgic presence due to its bright and colourful 8-bit game design.

The game handles like your typical shoot-em-up, giving you the choices between both keyboard and mouse or gamepad (both have plus and minuses) and the difficulty will have you pulling you hair out … Read More

Dr Spacezoo – Open Alpha

dr spacezoo 1

Dr Spacezoo, or to give it it’s full name – Dr Spacezoo or: How I Learned To Stop Shooting And Save The Animals – is a fun pixel art top-down arcade shooter that sees you saving starving animals from an automated space zoo.

During each level you must infiltrate the zoo’s cells and locate the exotic animal pictured in the top-left hand side of … Read More

Level 2: The Virus Master – Alpha Download

Level 2 the virus master 2

Level 2: The Virus Master is a fever dream retro shoot-em-up that assaults your senses from start to finish with a spectacular display of Giger-esqe pixel art, huge bosses and a rawkus metal soundtrack.

This is a promotional game for a band called ‘Last Chance to Reason‘ based on the tracks ‘Coded to fail‘ and ‘Taking Control‘ from their … Read More