Polywar – Pre-Alpha Download


Polywar is fast-paced low poly first person online multiplayer shooter, with lots of creative weaponry and a focus on verticality as players super-jump high up into the air to traverse an arena filled with small floating islands.

Polywar is still very early in development, so does have plenty of rough edges at the moment, but the gameplay is fun and the low poly voxel based … Read More

Frostbite – Game Jam Build Download


Frostbite, a game created by Studio Miniboss, is a post apocalyptic action platformer in which you must stave off cold and hunger while exploring its icy landscape in search for your wife.

In Frostbite you play as a soldier in charge of guarding a tower to protect the last inhabitants of earth. When you begin to run low on food, your wife ventures out … Read More

Overload – Pre-Alpha Download (Steam)

Overload game

Overload is a superb looking new first person 6-Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) shooter from the creators of Descent, in which you swoop around levels blasting deadly robots, rescuing hostages and blowing up a reactors.

Overload takes the classic 6DOF gameplay of Descent and updates it for the modern era, creating an action packed shooter, with agile aircraft and plenty of spectacle.  Being from the developers who … Read More