Blood Will Be Spilled – Alpha Demo

blood will be spilled

Blood Will Be Spilled is a quirky, western side-scrolling shooter where you play as a bounty hunting mosquito named Jack looking to take his revenge on the lowlifes that shot him and left him for dead.

Blood Will Be Spilled shares its setting with the children’s cartoon Santa Bugito, but brings a more adult, contemporary style to the concept of “cowboys and insects”. The … Read More

Rewind – Alpha Demo

rewind game

Rewind is a time bending first person single-player puzzle adventure in which you have the ability to record copies of yourself then rewind time and work alongside your copies co-operatively.

Set inside a Portal-esque research center, you travel between areas that are self contained puzzles.  Most of these require more than one person to solve (as you’ll need to distract guards or activate touch-pads), … Read More

Spirit Hearts – Game Jam Build Download

Spirit Hearts

Spirit Hearts is 2D puzzle-shooter game built for Ludum Dare 34 where you play as a spirit named Night as he explores the strange and mystical towers of the Spirt World on his quest to collect the much coveted Spirit Hearts.

As you float through the hauntingly beautiful, pixellated world, you’ll encounter evil spirits wandering the lonely halls of the tower. Fortunately for you, … Read More