Shoppy Mart – Steam Key Giveaway

shoppy mart

Shoppy Mart is a fun-filled game that we first featured in February, in which you get to do one of the most soul-crushing jobs imaginable – being a cashier at your local supermarket.

Thankfully the gameplay is far more fun than the real-life job thanks to Shoppy Mart‘s charming art style and great sense of humor.  Each day with you’re tasked with greeting … Read More

Shoppy Mart – Alpha Download

Shoppy Mart

Shoppy Mart is a wonderful little game that puts you in one of the most thankless jobs imaginable – a checkout assistant at your local supermarket.

As far as simulations go, Shoppy Mart is pretty thorough, you individually scan each item, bag them, swap bags when they’re full, check the customers ID when buying alcohol, make small talk, take their payment and give them receipt.  … Read More