Slipstream – Beta Demo


Slipstream is a stylish, retro racing game with branching raceways and a tight set of drifting and slipstreaming mechanics that add a welcome layer of depth to the genre.

We covered the Slipstream Pre-Alpha Demo previously on Alpha Beta Gamer and the game has certainly come a long way since its previous build. With tighter controls and enhanced UI, Slipstream feels more and more like … Read More

Slipstream – Pre-Alpha Demo

slipstream game

Slipstream is a fun OutRun-inspired retro pseudo3D checkpoint racer in which you race at high speeds across on a course with branching pathways across a variety of exotic locations.

We’ve covered a few fabulous retro racers on Alpha Beta Gamer recently (Drift Stage & Power Drive 2000), but Slipstream feels like the most authentic retro racer yet.  Power Drive 2000 may be … Read More