Source of Madness – Beta Demo

Source of Madness is a physics-based Lovecraftian action-roguelite set in a cursed world filled with massive eldritch tentacle monsters that are powered by neural networks.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha Sign Up, Source of Madness is a rogulite action adventure where it’s not just the world that’s procedrually generated, the monsters are too. Your acolyte travels through a dark … Read More

Source of Madness – Alpha Demo

Source of Madness is a beautiful hand drawn side-scrolling action platformer that sees you collecting spells and using them to fight tentacle monsters in a physics-based Lovecraftian world.

In Source of Madness you take control of a mage who can unlock new powers depending on the accessories they wear. There’s a nice selection of powerful accessories to find, and you’ll really need them – as … Read More