Avorion – Alpha Download

avorion game

Avorion is a sci-fi sandbox space game where you explore a galaxy far away from the milky way. Build your own space ship, space station, mine asteroids, and meet other players who are doing the same. Buy and sell with players online or with NPCs.

The game is features voxel based graphics, plenty of customization options, smooth controls, and great combat mechanics.  There are a … Read More



Rodina is a wonderfully ambitious space exploration RPG inspired by Freelancer, Star Fox, and the Elder Scrolls.

Like the upcoming ‘No Mans Sky’, it features large, procedurally generated planets that you can seamlessly land on and explore, going from the depths of space to walking the planet with no load times whatsoever.  You can also wander around your ship in first person, or or upgrade … Read More