Spell Casting: Meowgically Enhanced Edition – Alpha Demo

Spell Casting

Spell Casting: Meowgically Enhanced Edition is a spell casting puzzle game full of gaming in-jokes in which you cast spells by drawing specific shapes as accurately as possible!

You are a cat who always wanted to be a wizard. Sadly, you lived too far away to go to wizard’s school, until one day you were enrolled in homeschooling. Now, you are able to study and … Read More

In Verbis Virtus – Alpha Download

inverbis vertis

In Verbis Virtus is a first person spell casting game that mixes action and puzzle elements in a fantasy setting, you play as a wizard who can perform spells that will only be cast by pronouncing magic formulas.  The innovation introduced by this game is in the control system, you must use a microphone to cast spells by actually saying the magic words.  It’s like … Read More