Splasher – Alpha Demo


We first featured Splasher in May last year and found it to be a fun mix of Super Mario Sunshine, Super Meat Boy and the painty bits from Portal.

Splasher has come along leaps and bounds since the (still impressive) early prototype, with the game word fully fleshed out with vibrant visuals and cartoony animation.  You play a nimble little saboteur who sprays … Read More

Splasher – Prototype Download


Splasher is a great indie platformer that plays like a cross between Super Meat Boy, Super Mario Sunshine and some of the painty bits from Portal.

You control a nimble little Splasher who uses special paints to aid his progress through levels filled with various obstacles, enemies and hazards.  As with any platformer, good platforming mechanics are vital.  Thankfully your little Splasher is Read More