Pantropy – Steam Pre-Alpha Key Giveaway

Pantropy is a very impressive Sci-Fi multiplayer FPS that sees you exploring, building on, fighting for control of and discovering the many secrets of a vast alien planet.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Pantropy gives players a massive, mysterious alien sandbox to carve out a life in. You can explore, battle hostile wildlife, build bases, build and pilot mechs, craft … Read More

Laser League – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Laser League is a futuristic full contact sport from the developers of OlliOlli and NOT A HERO, that combines TRON-style neon infused visuals and fast paced multiplayer action as players battle for control of light beams that can eviscerate their opponents in an instant.

We first featured Laser League back in June, during the closed Beta sign up and were very impressed … Read More

Metro Conflict: The Origin – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Metro Conflict: The Origin is a great looking futuristic competitive team-based first person hero shooter that sees two factions battling for control with a selection of high powered weaponry in a world that’s been plunged into disarray by the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano.

In Metro Conflict: The Origin players have a choice of 12 different mercenaries, each with their own unique personality, skills … Read More

Wormhole Wars – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Wormhole Wars is an incredible new Unreal Engine 4 powered multiplayer FPS that infuses Portal-style space-bending with fast paced arena shooter combat.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up, Wormhole Wars introduces wrist mounted portal guns into its adrenaline-fuelled first person arena combat. It features fast paced run and gun action with a selection of high powered weaponry that players can … Read More

Luna Online: Reborn – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Luna Online: Reborn is a super cute Anime-styled massively multiplayer RPG that allows players to explore, battle monsters, drive vehicles, collect powerful pets, play games, go on rides, hang out with friends, find love, build a house and settle down in the the cheerful fantasy world of Blueland.

Luna Online: Reborn is (as the name suggests) a remake of the popular, Luna Online MMORPG which … Read More