Ember Strike – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

ember strike steam

Ember Strike is an addictive blend of Pokemon and Bejeweled-style tile swapping in which players build a team of minions and do battle in fast paced duels packed with vibrant visuals and skill based minigames.

At it’s core Ember Strike is a Bejeweled-style tile swapping game in which players must match lines of symbols to rack up points. It isn’t necessary the player … Read More

Phantasmal – Steam Key Giveaway


Phantasmal is one of the most nerve-wrecking and terrifying horror games we’ve ever featured on Alpha Beta Gamer – a procedurally generated nightmare full of dread and jump scares that will really test your sanity.  And to to celebrate it’s full release on Steam we’re doing a giveaway!

We first featured Phantasmal a loooooong time ago when it was just in the early Pre-Alpha stages … Read More

Who’s Your Daddy – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

whos your daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is a fabulous asymmetric multiplayer game we first covered a few weeks ago, in which one player controls a baby that’s determined to kill itself using a variety of household objects, while the other player controls the hapless father, running around after it, attempting to baby-proof the house and save his infant son from a premature demise.

The daddy attempts to … Read More

Tricone Lab – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Tricone lab

Tricone Lab is a unique micro-organism based puzzler in which you must alter organisms cellular structures to allow you to access resources which can be combined to create a mysterious multicoloured substance called Tricone.

Set across 100 levels, this unique biological puzzler allows you to interact with and combine catalysts and compounds within a cell and alter cellular structure by forming and breaking cell walls.  … Read More

Of Guards And Thieves – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

Of Guards and Thieves

Of Guards And Thieves is a great asymmetric multiplayer stealth action game we first covered last year, in which stealthy thieves face off against powerful guards across a variety of game modes.

The main gameplay mode in the game is ‘Guards and Thieves’ in which Guards have to guard a variety of objects scattered across the map, with only one being the real target … Read More