SOS – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

SOS is very impressive new twist on the Battle Royale multiplayer survival shooter in which your personality is your biggest asset as you attempt to forge alliances and outwit opponents to snag one of the only 3 chopper seats off a monster-filled island.

Currently in development by the a team founded by the lead developers of Dead Space 1 and 2, SOS sees you … Read More

Text Wormhole – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Text Wormhole is a super tough and super addictive minimalist bullet hell dodge ‘em up in which you attempt to go from A to Z without colliding with any of the wrong letters.

The gameplay in Text Wormhole is fast, frantic and lots of fun, with you attempting to weave your way through dynamically generated waves of letters and collect the letter that matches your … Read More

The Far Frontier – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

The Far Frontier Steam Key Giveaway

The Far Frontier offers a clever blend of match 3 puzzling and real time strategy as you engage in one-on-one battles where you send forth troops by clicking on clusters of matching tiles.

In The Far Frontier you take control of a small army that’s washed ashore on a strange new land. You must explore the ands and expand your colony as you attempt to … Read More

Ember Strike – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

ember strike steam

Ember Strike is an addictive blend of Pokemon and Bejeweled-style tile swapping in which players build a team of minions and do battle in fast paced duels packed with vibrant visuals and skill based minigames.

At it’s core Ember Strike is a Bejeweled-style tile swapping game in which players must match lines of symbols to rack up points. It isn’t necessary the player … Read More