Stowaway – Game Jam Build Download

Stowaway is a fun little old school point and click Sci-Fi horror adventure where a pilot attempts to deal with a bloodthirsty alien monster that’s invaded his spaceship.

Created for the Adventure Jam 2022, in Stowaway an alien monster has infiltrated your ship and killed your captain and your chief engineer. You now need to search the ship and find some way to repair it … Read More

Stowaway – Alpha Download


Stowaway is a wonderfully atmospheric Unreal Engine 4 powered first person horror adventure inspired by Outlast and Amnesia.

You are a stowaway on a Russian nuclear icebreaker, who after hiding out for a while, ventures out of their hiding place to find that all is not well on the NS Polaris.  Indeed the vessel seems abandoned, apart from some rather freaky looking individuals who are … Read More