City of the Shroud – Alpha Demo

city of the shroud

City of the Shroud is a fantasy tactical RPG that combines real-time gameplay with a unique combat combo system to deliver a unique, fast-paced battle experience.

City of the Shroud has a lovely illustrative style, with thick black outlines on the models and some very pretty pseudo-cel-shading. With the help of Moira Katson, an independent fantasy author, City of the Shroud’s developers have created … Read More

Robots In The Wild – Alpha Demo

robots in the wild game

Robots In The Wild is a quirky strategy game that combines elements of Tetris and classic tower-defense games to create an entirely unique and highly challenging puzzle experience.

In Robots In The Wild, you play as as a group of robots struggling to survive in space after your ship collided with an asteroid. The central components of your ship, Heart pieces, have been flung … Read More

Flick Knights – Early Access Download

Flick Knights

Flick Knights in a cartoon-styled multiplayer game where players flick their team’s characters across the screen, trying to eliminate the opposing team’s base and its members.

Matches in Flick knights can be played live or asynchronously against online opponents and are fast paced, turn based affairs with strategy elements and lots of fun special moves.  You can recruit lots of imaginative and well drawn characters, … Read More