Dogs Of War Online – Open Beta

dogs of war

Dogs of War is a great looking online turn based strategy game that offers deep tactical gameplay and is inspired by an extension of the Confrontation miniatures game.

With a choice of three factions, you spend Army Points to build a hierarchical group of mercenaries from the units of your choice, then send them on missions, or battle against online opponents.  Each event earns resource … Read More

Dwarf Tower – Beta Download

dwarf tower

Dwarf Tower is a great turn based tactics game where you build, defend and fortify your tower while using spells and weapons to bring down your opponents one.  It’s got a simple, but stylish pixel art aesthetic that offers a pleasingly simple way of building your towers and allows you to focus on the rather addictive gameplay.

A successful tower will consist of 4 main … Read More


Powargrid is a fun turn based strategy game that focuses on power supply and disruption.  You build out from your power station, building a powergrid, then add attack towers to attack and destroy the enemies structures.

In all cases power is key, you need to protect your power stations, while trying to reach across the map and destroy the enemies.  As well as transporting energy, … Read More


Retaliation: Path of War is a new turn based hex wargame, inspired by Risk, Axis&Allies, Panzer General and Chess.  It’s a great new take on the genre, and offers a fun game that’s easy to learn, but with lots of depth and tactical reasoning.  It feels like a more Tactical version of Risk and is a lot of fun to play.  The Beta is for … Read More



Interplanetary is a turn-based strategy artillery game set in space, where players wage wars by developing their home planets and firing their interplanetary barrages through the planetary system.

You’ll build your planets infrastructure, gather resources, research technologies, spy on enemies and build weapons as in other strategy games.  The big difference comes in the turn-based combat mechanics.  All the weapons in game are artillery (railguns, … Read More