Neo-Cretaceous Britney – Student Project

neo cretaceous britney

Neo-Cretaceous Britney is a retro, 3D infinite runner where you play as pop-star turned Tyrannosaur on the run from your producers who seem to have a problem with your people-munching addiction.

Neo-Cretaceous Britney hits many of the right notes with its visuals. The bright pink of the dinosaur and 90’s arcade cityscape mesh together wonderfully to create something nostalgic yet fresh. Even with its slow … Read More

Two Interviewees – Student Project Download

Two Interviewees

Two Interviewees is a short, dual-perspective visual novel that aims to compare the experiences of men and women during job interviews.

Two Interviewees’ visuals are highly stylized and geometric, resembling the illustrations one might find in office training manuals. What makes Two Interviewees unique is that as you progress through the game, each choice you make is applied to both job candidates. We appreciate … Read More

Polyguys – Student Project Download


Polyguys is a simplistic, cooperative puzzle-platformer that uses basic geometry to tell a tale of the friendship between a pair of shapes.

Polyguys starts you off with the simplest possible angular shape, the triangle, and progressively adds more sides to your polygon as the levels progress. Puzzles increase in difficulty at a reasonable rate and when playing with a friend, solving each new problem feels … Read More

Woozy Waiter – Student Project Download


Love your day job? Probably not, but if it was made into a video game, ironically it might be very enjoyable. Woozy Waiter puts players in the shoes of what we’re presuming is a drunk or disoriented waiter.

This particular waiter follows the tray they are holding, wherever it may lead them. The object of the game is to stand in the green rings to … Read More

Zineth – Student Project Download


Zineth is a super-cool arcade third person parkour roller skating runner with a colorful art style and fun gameplay that makes you jump, slide and glide in a huge open world.

Reminiscent of SEGA’s classic – Jet Set Radio – you skate at high speeds through vast areas of cel shaded beauty, jumping, gliding, sliding and grinding from one point to another at high speed … Read More