STUFFED – Open Beta

STUFFED is a creepy CoD: Zombies-esque wave based shooter where you become a teddy bear who fights off waves of nightmares within the dreams of a young girl.

Playable in single-player, local split-screen co-op or online Free-for-All modes, STUFFED is a wave based shooter where you fend off hordes of evil toys and shadowy demons who are haunting a young girl’s dreams. The battles … Read More

Stuffed – Student Project Game

Stuffed is an adorable little 3D platforming adventure in which you help a cute little stuffed teddy bear rescue his friends from an evil wizard puppet.

In Stuffed you take control of a teddy bear who must make his way through a dangerous toy world and defeat a puppet wizard who has kidnapped his two best friends – a stuffed lion and a stuffed eagle. … Read More