Abomination Tower – Alpha Demo

abomination tower 1

Abomination Tower is a hardcore Super Meat Boy-style platformer with procedurally generated levels that are full of nasty ways die.

You play as a mad scientists creation trapped in a tower where you must ascend the tower to escape (lots of wall jumping). You can unlock heads along the way by collecting eyeballs (having 5 eyeballs when you finish the level will unlock the … Read More

Splasher – Prototype Download


Splasher is a great indie platformer that plays like a cross between Super Meat Boy, Super Mario Sunshine and some of the painty bits from Portal.

You control a nimble little Splasher who uses special paints to aid his progress through levels filled with various obstacles, enemies and hazards.  As with any platformer, good platforming mechanics are vital.  Thankfully your little Splasher is Read More



WizardWizard is a challenging indie platformer with tight controls and a great soundtrack.  Similar to Super Meat Boy, it’s got short but tricky levels and the ability to restart quickly.  It’s an enjoyable little game with plenty of charm, thanks to the beautifully crafted pixel-art graphics and a nice sense of humour.

With only 25 levels, it’s a short, hard, precision platformer.  Your wizards … Read More



Pilotlight is a fun retro touch/mouse based platformer that tasks you with racing through levels as fast as you can, destroying fuel containers on your way.  It’s a tricky, but fun game, with the touch/mouse based controls working surprisingly well.  The levels are well designed and challenging, reminiscent of Super Meat Boy, but touch based and sporting some nice particle effects.

UPDATE: This Beta Is … Read More


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Hungry Hubert is a fast paced action platformer where you have to kill all the enemies by vomiting on them and eat the level so you won’t starve to death.   Vomiting on enemies makes your hunger bar increase, so you have to literally chew the scenery to satisfy your hunger.  The game features charming monochrome retro visuals, a nice sense of humour, tricky but precise … Read More