Supernova – Open Beta

Supernova open beta

Supernova, BANDAI NAMCO’s fun fusion of real time strategy and MOBA gameplay is now in Open Beta.

We first features Supernova back in November, while it was in closed Beta and were pleasantly surprised with it’s interesting take on the MOBA genre, infusing it with real time strategy elements, such as the ability to command the production and dispersal of your minions. Since … Read More

Supernova – Beta Key Giveaway


Supernova is space-themed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with an emphasis on providing true strategic control to its players with its real-time strategy (RTS) elements.

You’ll take control of one of 26 Commanders in classic 5v5 matches on a three-laned map typical of the genre, but unlike in other popular MOBAs of today, Supernova takes it a step further. With its focus on tech … Read More