DUR – Alpha Demo


DUR is a musical adventure platforming game where you play as an iron sheet of magical musical wonder that has a violin, and uses it to create beautiful notes that can lift massive objects (including the ground) in the games world to save yourself from the fog that’s filling it.

It’s a short, surreal and beautiful experience, with innovative gameplay and a wonderfully bizarre premise.  … Read More

Octopus City Blues – Alpha Demo

octopus city blues

To say Octopus City Blues is weird is a bit of an understatement (actually to say ‘Octopus City Blues is weird is a bit of an understatement’ is a bit of an understatement too), it’s a glorious old school adventure game featuring some of the finest and most surreal pixel art animation you’re likely to set eyes on.

You assume the role of Kaf … Read More



The Lady is weird, pure and simple, you play as the hideously deformed lady, pictured above and have to shuffle across the screen, avoiding such things as falling glass and barbed wire and confronting versions of yourself.

The game is a short and surrealist journey that takes The Lady through a series of fever dream like hallucinations, while being at odds with her own inner … Read More