The Morgue – Alpha Demo

The Morgue game

The Morgue is an extremely creepy, suspense-filled survival horror game set in an abandoned morgue, infested with rats, decay and inhuman creatures.

In The Morgue you play through the eyes of the main character. You awaken to a voice giving you instruction to find a radio transceiver out in the near by courtyard. Once found the person on the other end tells you in detail … Read More

Colony 42 – Alpha Demo

Colony 42

Colony 42, a game being created by Verdict Studios LLC, is an extremely stylish first person survival horror game that grips you with its eerie atmosphere and beautifully designed bunker type complex.

Colony 42 instantly gets the player wondering “What the hell happened?” and “Where the hell am I” as your character comes to after the elevator you where inside collapse to the bottom … Read More

Dark Night: The Horror Game – Alpha Demo

Dark Night

Dark Night: The Horror Game, a game being created by NightHood Games, is a simplistic looking, but extremely creepy and jump scare filled survival horror game that will make your skin crawl and hands shake with fear.

You wake up at 1am, woken by strange sounds and stirring shadows. You light a candle to help see into the dark, that feels as though it’s … Read More

Dorbea – Prototype Download

dorbea 2

Dorbea, a game created by Patch Note Studios, is a creepy first person survival horror game that constantly have you screaming for more.

You wake up in a dimly light room, with no recollection of how you got to where you are and why you are there as well. You make your way to door situated behind you and notice a flash light on … Read More

Kriophobia – Alpha Demo


Kriophobia is a creepy frostbitten survival horror, that plans to return to the genre’s roots, when the words “survival horror” actually meant something.

Featuring a beautiful mix of fixed camera angles, 2D hand drawn backgrounds and 3D cel shaded character design, Kriophobia feels like you’ve entered an immersive graphic novel.  The dark storyline offers up real scares and peril as you literally fall into a … Read More