Blade to Blade – Pre-Alpha Demo

Blade to Blade

Blade to Blade is an ambitious, first-person kendo simulation game currently in a very early stage of development.

The Pre-Alpha Demo of Blade to Blade feels like a proto-Wiiware game without the advantage of motion controls, which speaks to its current quality as a game. The developers were perhaps a little overeager to begin their Steam Greenlight campaign as the gameplay needs some serious improvement.… Read More

Yojimbrawl! – Prototype


Yojimbrawl is a local multiplayer sword fighting game from the developers of the Brotastic pixelated action/platformer – Broforce.

You play the game with the normal directional keys (W,A,S,D) and a single button attack, with different button combinations allowing a variety of attacks.  Matches are won by either killing your opponent or throwing them out of the arena.

It’s a fun 1 on 1 fighting … Read More