Underground Chef Castle – Game Jam Build Download


Underground Chef Castle, a game made for the TAG Jam 20, will have you exploring old school dungeons and using precision timing to fend of your foes.

This game has quite the retro feel, as you explore dungeons, looking for keys and levers so that you can continue through. Slimes and bats riddle the dungeon, looking to destroy you. Killing them off with your … Read More

Endless Rabbit Horde – Game Jam Build Download

endless rabbit horde

Endless Rabbit Horde, a TAG Jam 20 entry, will have you leading and sacrificing your own horde of rabbits for your own benefit!

In this platformer you will be guiding around a horde of rabbits. This horde can grow by eating small carrots in the ground. But, sometimes you might find you have too many rabbits. Rabbits jump and move at different speeds, and … Read More