The Last Level – Game Jam Build

The Last Level Game Download

The Last Level, a rage inducing hardcore Super Meat Boy-esque platformer made for the GM48, has you attempting to get to the top of the tower filled with spikes, enemies, and many challenges.

This is not a normal, easy to scale tower.  This is a tower you’d expect to find right at the end of a Super Meat Boy-style hardcore precision platformer. … Read More

The Last Level – Game Jam Build Download

The Last Level

The Last Level is a very cool action platforming roguelike boss-rush game that plays like a condensed version of Megaman, with you battling a procession of random bosses and using their own weaponry against them as you make your way to the final boss.

You have bravely battled through all the action packed levels in the game in your fight to save your planet … Read More