The Maestros – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

The Maestros is a team-based fusion of real time strategy and third person action that sees you roaming the battlefield as a commander and amassing an army of battle-ready beasts around you.

As we mentioned last year during the closed Beta sign upThe Maestros is an action-focused RTS that sees you transforming cute animals and little robot minions into powerful units that fight … Read More

The Maestros – Alpha Download

the maestros

The Maestros a great looking RTS that we first covered last year, in which you play a commander who must gather an army of minions which can transform into powerful units on-the-fly.

The game takes place in a fun fantasy world, with two rival factions facing off against each other – Teutonia and Regalis.  Teutonia favour using large, clunky transforming robots, while Regalis prefer … Read More