The Maestros – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

The Maestros is a team-based fusion of real time strategy and third person action that sees you roaming the battlefield as a commander and amassing an army of battle-ready beasts around you.

As we mentioned last year during the closed Beta sign upThe Maestros is an action-focused RTS that sees you transforming cute animals and little robot minions into powerful units that fight … Read More

The Maestros – Alpha Download

the maestros

The Maestros a great looking RTS that we first covered last year, in which you play a commander who must gather an army of minions which can transform into powerful units on-the-fly.

The game takes place in a fun fantasy world, with two rival factions facing off against each other – Teutonia and Regalis.  Teutonia favour using large, clunky transforming robots, while Regalis prefer … Read More

The Maestros – Open Alpha

the maestros

The Maestros a fast paced real-time strategy game which sees you controlling a commander who roams the battlefield, amassing an army of minions who can transform on-the-fly.

Your commander must gather minions by killing the local wildlife (the Tenchii), these minions are pretty underpowered and follow you around in herds like Pikmin, but can be upgraded at certain spots on the battlefield, allowing you to … Read More