Through the Valley of the Drifters – Game Jam Build Download

through the valley of the drifters

Through The Valley of the Drifters, a short and stylish western shooter made for The Mystic Western Game Jam, has you waking up in a strange desert full of skeleton-headed enemies.

You wake up in the middle of a desert, with an odd character with an animal skull head looking out for you. This character explains that you have been out for a while … Read More

Black Gold – Game Jam Build Download

Black Gold download

Black Gold, a short, stylish narrative made for The Mystic Western Game Jam, has you sitting on the back of a truck, drinking a nice cold beer with a friend.

You are having a beer with your good friend in a relaxing field. A radio sits in the grass, providing music to listen to as you relax. The sky is full of stars, bugs … Read More