Total Anarchy – Beta Download

Total Anarchy is a GTA inspired top-down open world action game, which allows you to get up to all manner of mischief on the bustling streets of its crime-filled City.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago while it was in Alpha, Total Anarchy harkens back to the early days of GTA, giving players complete freedom to cause mayhem and earn a … Read More

Total Anarchy – Alpha Download

Total Anarchy is a top down open world action game reminiscent of GTA 1 and 2, which sees you stealing cars, beating up citizens, listening to the radio, using guns, blowing up stuff and basically causing carnage in Pavillion City.

In Total Anarchy you take control of a disgruntled office employee who has just been fired for being crap at his job (and for selling … Read More