Dead Siege – Student Project Download


Dead Siege, a Student Project being created by students at Alamo Colleges, is a flashy 3rd person shooter tower defense hybrid that uses the main characters magic to not only build towers but to throw fireballs and other spells head on at the enemy.

The game handles and plays a lot like that of Orcs Must Die, but offers a varied experience from … Read More

STRACO – Beta Download


STRACO, a game created by Pyric, is a 2D twin stick shooter tower defence hybrid in which you play a soldier who can pilot a variety of vehicles – from helicopters to massive heavily weaponized mechs.

visually STRACO is absolutely gorgeous. It has a feel of Playstation One games like Reloaded with its top down still. The tower defence elements really give you a … Read More

Nexus Sea – Prototype Download

nexus sea

Nexus Sea is a very cool voxel based First Person Shooter/Tower Defence game that tasks you with defending the Nexus (base) from waves off enemy assault.

Before each wave of attack you can purchase turrets, ammo and weaponry to defend the Nexus with.  It’s still very early in development, but already there’s a nice selection of weaponry, including handguns, shotguns and Katanas.  Gameplay is fast … Read More



Excubitor is a great new futuristic shoot-em-up/horde mode/tower defence hybrid that sees you in control of a space fighter fighting off wave after wave of enemies, intent on destroying your base.

It’s an interesting mix of genres and works really well.   In the first level your ship can boost around the map, meeting enemies head-on, strafing circles around them and blowing them out the sky, … Read More