Fearful Symmetry – Alpha Demo

Fearful Symetry

Fearful Symmetry, a game being created by BrokenCog, is a delightfully hard pixelated puzzle game in which you control two different characters simultaneously while trying to reach the exit of each level.

You play as two different characters, who are bound together but live in alternate realms, moving in reflected motions. The left character follows your key inputs accordingly but your right character moves … Read More

Dead Knight – Pre-Alpha Download

dead knight 4

Dead Knight, a game created by BackTerria (creator of ROCKROCKET & The Aspect), is a 2D punishing pixel art styled Roguevania that’s a nostalgic throwback to games like Castlevania and Metroid.

The start of the gaming leaves a burning question in the back of your mind, Why did your wife kill you? As you seek answers in the beautifully drawn 2D world … Read More