Turbo Kid – Beta Demo

Turbo Kid is a brutal 2D metroidvania adventure where a BMX-riding hero with a “Turbo Glove™” sets out to cross a wasteland filled with mutants, robots and criminals.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago Turbo Kid is a BMXing metroidvania that acts as a sequel to the original Turbo Kid movie. It follows on directly after the events of the … Read More

Turbo Kid – Alpha Demo

Turbo Kid is a brutal BMX metroidvania adventure based on the gory cult classic 2015 movie of the same name.

Following on from the events in the Turbo Kid movie, the Turbo Kid game sees you making your way through the wastelands after your friend died in a tragic battle. You now need to use your fighting prowess and your biking skills to make your … Read More