Turbo Sloths – Beta Demo

Turbo Sloths is a carnage-filled racing game where you drive rocket-powered steam-rollers through racetracks filled with deadly hazards and robotic defenses.

Previously featured an Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta sign up, Turbo Sloths is a fast, futuristic and chaotic racing game that takes place on an alien planet where people race huge multi-ton rocket-propelled steamrollers (called Turbo Sloths). These Turbo Sloths may be heavy … Read More

Turbo Sloths – Alpha Demo

Turbo Sloths is a racing game where you drive rocket powered steam-rollers at breakneck speeds around explosive-filled tracks.

In Turbo Sloths the Sloths are a race of highly intelligent industrialist tech-heads with a passion for racing. The sloths have managed to mine the most power-efficient mineral in existence and they use it to propel their heavy duty industrial vehicles at ludicrous speeds. And you get … Read More