Ionic Surge – Open Beta

ionic surge

Ionic Surge is a fast, futuristic arcade racer with tough procedurally generated tracks, full of speed-sapping walls and traps you have to avoid if you don’t want your time to run out.

The twitchy nature of the gameplay make’s Ionic Surge pretty hard initially, but after some time you’ll get familiar with the gameplay to really enjoy racing in it.

Once you’ve mastered the game’s … Read More

Indies Alpha Beta Gamer Twitch Day

abg indie

Our most esteemed Twitch Streaming associate – Indie – is launching Alpha Beta Gamer day on his Twitch feed today – a weekly feature where he will be exclusively playing games that were featured on the ABG website.

The ABG streams will be every Thursday at 10am PDT, with indie playing through some of the best games featured on Alpha Beta Gamer.  Drop in and … Read More

Calling All Twitch Streamers! Add Your Feed To Our Twitch Stream Page!


At Alpha Beta Gamer, we realise that a lot of our followers stream the games that we feature, so we thought it would be a good idea to get you all together in the same place – The Alpha Beta Gamer Twitch Page!

If your stream regularly covers games that are still in development and you’d like to add your Twitch Stream to our Read More