SAAAM – Game Jam Build Download

saaam-game download

SAAAM, a game created by Ogniok (Fireline Games) for the Ludum Dare 34 Game jam, is a narratively driven, steampunk styled ship fixing simulator.  Well sort of….

In SAAAM you take control of Crewmember 341, awoken from cryo-statis by a voice informing you it’s time for your daily routine. When you finally gain control of your character you are thrusted out of your cryo-pod, … Read More

Psychra – Game Jam Build Download

forrest game

Psychra, a game created by Noah Ratcliff and Aidan Markham for Ludum Dare 34 , is a relaxing, polygon based growth simulator that sees you picking up orbs to make the earth evolve and bloom around you.

All you are is a simple angular floating object that must gather the orbs in front of you in a barren land. Before long life begins to … Read More