ULTRAKILL is an intense, super fast paced and incredibly brutal retro styled FPS where blood is fuel and bullets do some serious damage to enemies..

Currently in development by Arsi “Hakita” Patala, ULTRAKILL takes place in a future where mankind is extinct and Earth is now ruled by machines that run on blood. However, that blood is fast running out so you head down to … Read More

ULTRAKILL – Alpha Demo

ULTRAKILL is an incredibly fast paced ultraviolent FPS where blood splatter heals you and your guns rip enemies to shreds.

Drawing inspiration from Quake, Doom (2016) and Devil May Cry, ULTRAKILL is an intense retro styled FPS with parkour abilities, huge combos, beefy weapons, big bosses and blood… lots and lots of blood. The blood isn’t just a cosmetic touch either – you … Read More