Trench – Pre-Alpha Demo


Irish developer Howling Hamster has just released the Pre-Alpha Demo for their upcoming 2.5D rotary shooter, Trench. Piloting a transforming salvage sub, players will dive down into the ocean to annihilate a terrifying threat that has imposed itself upon Earth.

Beginning with a meteor crash in the Atlantic, tales began to surface from sailors who swear they’ve seen disturbed, alien creatures beneath the waves. … Read More

Vapor – Beta Download


Vapor is a virtual interpretation of Samsara, in which players will find themselves wandering through the cycle of reincarnation, through means of exploration and visual inference.

Seeking out the insignias that lead to new “worlds”, the game moves through phases in a dreamlike rendering of one’s life choices and what options and paths in life that were offered all along. It could be a … Read More

Unraveled – Alpha Demo


The recent project from Rose Portal Games is a title that would be right at home with the Playstation One classics in the RPG world.The same blood that kept those classics alive, flows through the veins of Unraveled, a sort of Spirited Away/Chrono Trigger atmosphere follows in its wake.

Based on real life events, the story finds the main character in search of … Read More