Destination Primus Vita – Alpha Demo

Destination Primus Vita is an episodic first person puzzle adventure that sees six different crew members performing tests that keep their cognitive and emotional intelligence strong while in a 4 year long journey to a distant planet.

Destination Primus Vita is an accompaniment to the Primus Vita comic book that takes place in the distant future where aliens have stolen Earth’s water reserves. Six crew … Read More

Roojack – Beta Download

Roojack is a charming and chilled out isometric puzzle platformer in which you switch control between two adorable little characters, one which only moves by day and one that moves by night.

In Roojack you alternate control of the two playable characters by jumping on large colored buttons that are in each level. Jumping on the buttons will not only switch control of the characters … Read More

Devil Engine – Alpha Download

Devil Engine is a slick, stylish and super tough side scrolling shoot ‘em up in which your combos not only earn you points but can be sacrificed to execute a bullet absorbing burst.

The gameplay in Devil Engine draws on side scrolling wave-based blasting classics like Gradius and R-Type, but with a touch of bullet hell (not full on bullet hell, just a touch). … Read More

Carried Away – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Carried Away is a fun low poly physics based construction game in which you build all kinds of jumps, bridges, ski-lifts and other structures for skiers and mountaineers to use (and hope they don’t get too badly injured in the process!)

As we mentioned back in April during the Alpha sign up, Carried Away presents a fun new twist on the construction puzzler genre, … Read More