Eat Your F****** Soup – Alpha Demo

Eat Your F****** Soup is a very weird comedy horror game where you eat soup every day, stuff heads down a garbage disposal and enjoy lots of silly double entendres.

Currently in development by Aaron Wise (creator of He keeps Me Here) and Vidas Salavejus (creator of Dia), Eat Your F****** Soup is a ridiculous horror comedy game about eating soup that tastes … Read More

Mr. Saitou – Beta Demo

Mr. Saitou is a quirky narrative-driven adventure about a stressed out Japanese businessman who finds himself in a mysterious fantasy land of Llamaworms.

A sequel/spin-off of the excellent Rakuen, Mr. Saitou is a short narrative-driven adventure about a businessman who is overwhelmed by a life of overworking, stress and isolation. He collapses and finds himself in a hospital where he meets a kid who … Read More