Block Sport – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

We have another 1000 Steam Beta keys to give away for Block Sport, the fast paced fusion of Rocket League-esque ball sports and Speedball-style brutality.

As we mentioned during the last giveaway, Block Sport sees teams of heroes in destructible armor attempting to smash each other to pieces and score goals in futuristic Rocket League style arenas. There’s a selection of … Read More

Destination Primus Vita – Alpha Demo

Destination Primus Vita is an episodic first person puzzle adventure that sees six different crew members performing tests that keep their cognitive and emotional intelligence strong while in a 4 year long journey to a distant planet.

Destination Primus Vita is an accompaniment to the Primus Vita comic book that takes place in the distant future where aliens have stolen Earth’s water reserves. Six crew … Read More