Two Interviewees – Student Project Download

Two Interviewees

Two Interviewees is a short, dual-perspective visual novel that aims to compare the experiences of men and women during job interviews.

Two Interviewees’ visuals are highly stylized and geometric, resembling the illustrations one might find in office training manuals. What makes Two Interviewees unique is that as you progress through the game, each choice you make is applied to both job candidates. We appreciate … Read More

Hitogotchi – Game Jam Build Download


Hitogotchi is a wonderfully wicked 2D reverse-Tamagotchi game that doubles as a visual novel in which you are the one being taken care of, as you play a bloodthirsty monster being looked after by a caretaker.

Throughout your time with your carer you take part in various activities, talk and form a bond with her (or not depending on your choices), but underneath you’re … Read More

The Miskatonic – Pre-alpha Download


The Miskatonic is a beautifully hand-drawn 2D side-scrolling horror comedy visual novel, where you play as a odd female protagonist with a huge shotgun in a demonic university. It’s inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, with old school survival horror puzzles and ‘harrowingly humorous’ dialogue.

The Miskatonic‘s appeal is its nice aesthetic design, wonderful character designs, a great atmosphere in a beautifully grim world to explore, … Read More



Exogenesis is a point-and-click visual novel adventure game inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games. The story follows Yu Sayashi, a former wasteland “treasure hunter” on a quest to revive his dead sister.

Fitting with the visual novel style, most of the screens in Exogenesis are static, showing of some beautiful anime-style artwork.  As you progress through the game, each section is a self … Read More