Voidship: The Long Journey – Steam Key Giveaway

Voidship: The Long Journey is a space exploring rogue-lite adventure that combines FTL-esque ship management with real-time top-down space combat as you set forth on a journey that will take several centuries to complete.

First covered on Alpha Beta Gamer last June while it was in Alpha, Voidship: The Long Journey feels like a natural evolution of FTL’s addictive roguelike space adventures. … Read More

Voidship: The Long Journey – Alpha Demo

Voidship: The Long Journey is an FTL-esque roguelike adventure that sees you piloting a modular ship through space, upgrading it with new modules and taking part in real-time top down space battles.

As in FTL, Voidship sees you piloting your ship through star systems while fighting enemy ships, managing your crew, upgrading your ship and deciding what actions to take during random events. … Read More