Spark Rising – 3 Pre-Alpha Demos – RRR, Gaiden 2 & Titan Rising

spark rising

Spark Rising is a highly customisable build and battle sandbox game where you create fortresses and engage in massive battles.  You’ll the ability to create almost anything imaginable in-game, including units such as mechs, aliens, zombies, dinosaurs, monsters and robots, as well as a host of vehicles, artillery and defences.

To demonstrate the variety of creations available to players and to showcase the gameplay options, … Read More

Lemma – Alpha Download

lemma 2

We first featured Lemma back in September last year, but this free form first-person parkour game has come along leaps and bounds since then (excuse the pun).

You play Physics grad student Joan Emerson who has uncovered the mysterious voxel based world of Lemma, full of strange floating landscapes and surfaces that react to your presence.  The movement of your character should feel familiar to … Read More



Gunscape is a great new voxel based FPS construction kit that allows you to create your own single-player campaigns, co-op levels or multi-player arenas, tailoring the theme, weapons, enemies and power-ups to create your unique vision.

The crafting is remarkably easy once you get the hang of it, with the basic level layout created out of Minecraft-style cubes, then filled with a wide selection of … Read More


AirKnight alpha Stage1-1_1883-1977

Air Knight is an excellent side scrolling arcade shooter that really takes advantage of it’s wonderful voxel based graphics.  Unfortunatley it has already been cancelled, and all that is left of it is an Alpha build.

The Alpha build plays really well, has Xbox 360 controller support, a catchy retro soundtrack, power-ups and the ability to blow up any terrain or enemies into Read More