Who’s Your Daddy – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

whos your daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is a fabulous asymmetric multiplayer game we first covered a few weeks ago, in which one player controls a baby that’s determined to kill itself using a variety of household objects, while the other player controls the hapless father, running around after it, attempting to baby-proof the house and save his infant son from a premature demise.

The daddy attempts to … Read More

Who’s Your Daddy – Alpha Download

whos your daddy

Who’s Your Daddy is a highly amusing, asymmetric simulation game that follows the daily routine of a loving, if bumbling, father as he tries to keep his son safe from harm. Simply put, it’s the gamified version of the animated introductory sequence from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The Who’s Your Daddy’s Alpha build currently only has one mode: online multiplayer. Two players are matched together … Read More