World Of Warships – Open Beta

world of warships

World of Warships, the epic new naval MMO from the creators of World Of Warplanes and World Of Tanks, has finally sailed into Open Beta!

The Open Beta features 10 original maps and over 90 warships sailing under American, Japanese, British and Russian banners, all with their own fully featured upgradable tech trees.  As well as upgrading your ship, you’ll be able to upgrade your … Read More



Steel Waves is a fun new naval combat game that sees you commanding a selection of customisable battleships and fighting in 16 Vs 16 online battles.

At the moment it’s a basic, but enjoyable online multiplayer combat game, however the devs have an intention of evolving it into a fully featured MMO, with a choice of 3 factions and a larger selection of gameplay modes.  … Read More