Double Kick Heroes – Game Jam Build Download

Double CLick Heroes

Double Kick Heroes, a game created by Black Magic for Ludum Dare 34, is an incredible mash up of Guitar Hero-style rhythm based game play and zombie slaughtering goodness.

On a lone stretch of road, you and your band mates must fend of the quickly approaching horde of undead. How you ask? By harnessing the power of the one thing your band is … Read More

Micromancer – Game Jam Build


Micromancer is a charming pixel art action strategy game in which you reanimate corpses to fight in your undead army, recruiting slain enemies as you go.

You start each level in with just your necromancer king, a powerful sorcerer who is unable to fight but has the nifty ability to raise the dead and form an army.  You start each level by raising the dead … Read More

Lord of the Horde – GameJam Build

Lord Of The Horde

Lord of the Horde is an Indies vs PewDiePie gamejam game where you control a horde of zombies that aim terrorize the neighborhood and turn the humans into minions.

In 10 simple levels, a mad scientist will lead you through what it takes to create and keep a horde of zombies alive. You are able to multiply the horde using toxic waste bins or just … Read More

ZVR Apocalypse – Tech Demos

ZVR Apocalypse

ZVR Apocalypse is a brutal and visceral 3rd Person/First Person Shooter inspired by Gears of War and Dead Nation designed specifically for (but not exclusive to) Virtual Reality headsets.

The full game will feature third person exploration, intelligent zombies, cover shooting, loot, weapon upgrades, online leaderboards, some very cool close-up ‘Zombies-In-Face’ moments, and lots of zombified blood and gore.

The Tech Demos are really just … Read More

Facewound – Beta Download


Facewound is a fun, brutal and bloody 2D run and gun side scroller, with an impressive particle physics engine, ragdoll effects, a vast array of weaponry and huge hordes of monsters to use them on.

The original aim for the devs was to make a 2D shooter with all of the effects of something like Counter-Strike: Source.  They’ve certainly achieved that and a whole … Read More