Taijou is a fast paced, bullet hell platform game, that plays like Super Meat Boy with guns, lots and lots of guns.

It’s fast paced, frantic arcade fun that rewards skill and punishes slow reflexes.  Levels are varied, all with their own satisfying retro style, with plenty of different enemies just waiting dispatch you.

Your character is pleasingly quick and agile, with a nice selection of weapons and special moves.  You may still be seriously out gunned but you can out-manouver the biggest of baddies if your reflexes are quick enough.  We’d recommend watching the vid in the link below, as the pic above just doesn’t do it justice (and the music it great).  The game’s been stuck in Greenlight limbo for over a year now, so if you enjoy it, please vote for it!

Vote for it on Greenlight HERE

Download the Beta and watch a vid of it in action HERE