Tala – Kickstarter Demo

Tala is an adorable point and click puzzle adventure that blends photographic backgrounds with beautiful hand drawn artwork as you explore a tiny woodland world.

In Tala you take control of Tala, a cute little tree spirit who lives in a small woodland town where toadstools and small rocks are used as houses. This miniature world is created by using a mixture of nature photography and hand drawn animation. This fusion of art styles works wonderfully, and really helps bring Tala’s woodland world to life.

In the full game, Tala will embark on an adventure that sees you rescuing the Town Guardian from the Deep Woods, but the Kickstarter demo build provides a bite-sized taster of things to come as you try to take care of a seed you’ve just found. It’s a wonderful little adventure that introduces you to Tala’s charming woodland town and some of the character that inhabit it. The UI is very easy to use and the non-verbal communication system is fondly reminiscent of Machinarium.

It’s shaping up very nicely – an enchanting adventure with cute little characters and beautiful visual design that makes you feel like you’re peering into a secret world at the bottom of your garden. Highly recommended.

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Download The Tala Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows & Mac)