Talavah: Book of Jed – Alpha Demo

Talavah: Book of Jed is a retro styled graphic adventure game that follows the son of a chief of a nomadic clan and his servant, as he embarks on a rite of passage across a vast and danger-filled frozen red ocean.

In Talavah: Book of Jed you take on the role of Jed, the son of the current chief of a nomadic clan called the Durrah. To prove you’re worthy of becoming the next chief you must set out on a rite of passage across a desert with your unwilling servant, Mirah. Your journey will take you across a vast desert-like frozen red ocean that’s home to deadly creatures, raiders and hostile military fleets. You’re quite inexperienced about the outside world, but Mirah can give you guidance if you ask for it.

The current build of Talavah: Book of Jed takes around 15 minutes to play through and does a great job of building its world and introducing you to Jed and Mirah. It plays a little like a fusion of a roleplaying game and a point and click adventure, with a nice mixture of narrative, exploration and turn-based combat.

It’s still early in development, but even as it stands Talavah: Book of Jed is shaping up to be an excellent retro styled adventure. The artwork is beautiful, the lore of the world is fascinating and your actions will have a real effect on how the story plays out. The uneasy dynamic between Jed and Mirah is particularly interesting and it’ll be great to see how it evolves over the course of the game.

Download The Talavah: Book of Jed Alpha Demo Here (Windows)